Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ReLit 2011 - Short Story Long List

The ReLit Awards: Ideas, Not Money.

Ravenna Gets, Tony Burgess (Anvil)
Ronald Reagan, My Father, Brian Joseph Davis (ECW)
This Ramshackle Tabernacle, Samuel Thomas Martin (Breakwater)
All Those Drawn to Me, Christian Peterson (Caitlin)
World News Story, Michael Woods (Book Thug)
Three Deaths, Josip Novakovich (Snare)
I Still Don’t Even Know You, Michelle Berry (Turnstone)
Recipes From the Red Planet, Meredith Quartermain (Book Thug)
Punishing Ugly Children, Darryl Joel Berger (Killick)
Mystery Stories, David Helwig (Porcupine’s Quill)
The Mountie at Niagara Falls, Salvatore Difalco (Anvil)
I’m a Registered Nurse Not a Whore, Anne Perdue (Insomniac)
The Devil You Know, Jenn Farrell (Anvil)
Mennonites Don’t Dance, Darcie Friesen Hossack (Thistledown)
Sex in Russia, Kenneth Radu (DC Books)
The Young in their Country, Richard Cumyn (Enfield & Wizenty)
High Speed Crow, Sheila McClarty (Oberon)
Bird Eat Bird, Katrina Best (Insomniac)
The Doctrine of Affections, Paul Headrick (Freehand)
The Meaning of Children, Beverly Akerman (Exile)
Faded Love, Robert N. Friedland (Libros Libertad)
Bats or Swallows, Teri Vlassopoulas (Invisible)
There is No Other, Jonathan Papernick (Exile)
Missed Her, Ivan E. Coyote (Arsenal Pulp)
Light Lifting, Alexander MacLeod (Biblioasis)
Icebreaker/ Auricle, Alisha Piercy (Conundrum)

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